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My Background

I fell in love with horses around 3 years old and after pestering my parents, I had my first riding lesson! The love grew from there to my current herd of 2 Gypsies and 1 Morgan.

When I found an opportunity to expand upon my equine knowledge, as well as a way to help other horses and their owners, I jumped at it!

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My Approach

My goal is not just to make your horse feel better, but to give you the tools to make your horse be successful long term.

I take time to teach you how to use taping and massage techniques to keep your horse going in between massage sessions.


My Certifications

Current Certifications and Continuing Education

1. April 2021 - Myo-manipulative Functional Therapy Certification

2. April 2021 - Kinesiology Taping Certification

3. May 2022 - Equine, Small Animal, and Livestock MagnaWave Certification

4. In Progress - Equine Craniosacral Certification

Please click on the item to view the certificate.

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